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Evolution is ruthless, this is why the legendary Media Records with Gianfranco Bortolotti is back with the most advanced technology: โ€œIt's a real stargate for success, for top music: The Sound Of The Futureโ€.
Itโ€™s the coolest, the most advanced but also the only mobile music suite creating a sustainable ecosystem for artists, DJs and labels. Accellerating the careers of artists, DJs and producers from all over the world.
EVO is the abbreviated form of 'EVOlution', meaning the commitment of Gianfranco Bortolotti and his Engineers and Technicians to achieve something totally new. There's just one procedure for loading, evaluation and the registration of all labels. Media Records Evo works without any intermediaries.
The only interaction occurs with AMI, our Advanced Music Interface that will care for and nurture our new talents.

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